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Are you really brothers? Do you share the same biological father? A Y-chromosome test is a highly accurate test which will confirm with absolute accuracy whether two or more male individuals share a common, biological paternal ancestor (a father, a grandfather, great grandfather etc or any other male relative). This test is often carried out between male siblings.

The cost of our Y chromosome test for 2 males is $349. Your results will be ready within 5-7 working days from receipt of samples.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

Science behind the test

Only males carry Y-chromosomes because they inherit this chromosome from their father. Males carry 23 pairs of XY chromosomes with a total number of 46 individual chromosomes.

Our Y-chromosome test is a relationship test, carried out between alleged male relatives to confirm their shared paternal lineage. The Y-chromosome test is based on the analysis of 11 genetic markers to accurately confirm whether males tested share the same paternal line. If the DNA profiles do not match, the males tested do not share the same paternal line.

Due to the fact females do not have Y-chromosomes, they are unable to carry out this test. If you are female and need to establish whether you share the same father you can either ask a male blood relative to take the test on your behalf, carry out a sibling test or a paternity test.

Note: Y-chromosome testing is highly suitable for instances where males want to establish a shared paternal line. It is however important to note that Y-chromosome test results cannot highlight the exact nature of the relationship between the people tested.

Sample Collection

Our Y chromosome test is easy to carry out using our home sample collection kit. Our kit will be sent directly to you and will contain the following:

• Mouth swabs needed to collect the samples (2 swabs for every person)
• Step by step Instructions about how samples are collected using mouth swabs
• Forms which need to be filled out and signed by test participants (we refer to these as consent forms)

More about our sample collection can be found by visiting this page.


Is the alleged father available?

If you are male siblings and want to know whether you have the same father you may opt for a home paternity test. A home paternity is always the test we would first recommend in such instances, if the alleged father is available for the test. If the alleged father is not available or unwilling to be tested, a Y-chromosome test offers very conclusive results and a is good alternative for a paternity test.

How do I order my test?

Our Y-chromosome test for 2 males is priced at $349. Your results will be ready 5-7 working days from the moment we receive your samples.

Tracing your ancient paternal roots?

If you are interested in discovering your ancient paternal origins and learn where you paternal ancestors came from – why not choose our paternal lineage ancestry test? Paternal lineage ancestral testing is also a test that is based on the analysis of the Y-chromosome but its scope is altogether different to the Y-chromosome relationship test. Read more about this lineage test by clicking here.

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