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Do you wish to discover your paternal lineage? Are you looking to discover more about your ancient forefathers ? Begin with our paternal lineage test. With today’s advances in DNA testing technologies for lineage, unlocking the secrets to your family’s unique, ancient past has never been easier. Who’zTheDaddy?™ offer accurate and reliable lineage DNA testing services. Get your genetic family tree today.

Science behind the test

A paternal lineage test is done via the analysis of the male inherited Y chromosome. Only males carry this chromosome and therefore, females cannot directly establish their paternal lineage using their own DNA. They would need to ask a male blood relative to submit a sample of their behalf.

For centuries anthropologists have worked hard towards a better understanding of how groups of human beings migrated across the globe. This study helped us get a better grasp on why certain groups of people moved, where they went, and why some humans thrived while others declined.

DNA lineage testing has blown open the field of anthropologic study of ancestral movements of human beings. Using the latest genetic testing technology scientists have unlocked the secrets to our historical migrations and accelerated hundreds of years of painstaking study so that anyone can now learn their genealogical roots.

DNA genealogy testing will not provide the names of the people in your direct family tree, however it works to demonstrate where your ancestral forbearers from your maternal line and paternal line originated from and where they migrated to. While many people know where their grandparents lived or hailed from, genealogical testing can expand on that knowledge to ancestors who lives many tens of thousands of years ago and share your gene

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Sample Collection

Lineage DNA testing is now a simple and painless procedure that you can start yourself with a home test sampling kit. Following the purchase of a Lineage Test from Who’zTheDaddy?™, a sample collection kit will be sent. The kit will include detailed instructions on how to collect your DNA using a simple mouth swab as well as all necessary forms and instructions. Once received in our laboratory, your DNA samples will be analyzed and your Lineage Test will be under way!

Our Guide To Ancestry Testing

Researching your genealogy can be fascinating but the huge variety of DNA ancestry tests available can make it a bewildering process. In this guide we aim to help you navigate the assortment of DNA tests and make the right choice for you. Here we provide a Beginners Guide to Ancestry Testing to help you better understand this area of DNA testing.


How long will my results take?

Results will be sent to you 4 weeks from the receipt of samples. You will receive your results by email with your personalized map.

What will my results show?

our paternal Y-DNA haplogroup designation and a description of each of these haplogroups – Your paternal haplogroups are your ancient patrilineal clans or Y-DNA family. Males with the same geographic ancestry will share the same DNA markers and due to these shared DNA features, they are put into what are known as haplogroups. We can determine which clans you belong to by the commonality between your DNA and that of the many paternal haplogroups in our database. Were your ancestors from Sudan or Ethiopia? Where they Eurasian? Western European? Paternal haplogroups are in turn linked to a specific place and time, revealing even more about your origins.

Your personalised map, clearly showing the point of origins and the migration routes of these ancient, patrilineal forbearers.

Information such as other celebrities and famous people who share your same haplogroup. If you share a haplogroup with any famous person, whether an actress, singer or a character in history, then you also share a common ancestor with this person, many thousands of years ago

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