Alternate Sources

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consent and photographic ID from all parties is required in order to perform a test with a non-swab sample. It is a criminal offence to test a person’s DNA without the informed consent of the person from whom the sample came. We cannot process any samples submitted without the full consent and ID of all participants. Please see below for more information about the Human Tissue Act.

We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a forensic sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

If you are unable to take a DNA sample using the swabs provided in our DNA sample collection kit, a list of alternative DNA sources is below:

CategoryPackagingExtra ChargeSuccess rate
Bone MarrowFresh (collected within 30 days) or Frozen- No marrow on slides or in paraffin.BiohazardRequest Consultation.$16090% or higher
Blood on Filter paperAlso called Whatman, Matrix or Parchment; less than 60 days old.Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.$8090% or higher
SemenFrozen vial (Sperm bank) or fresh swab; Semen on fabric.Ship in paper envelope.$8090% or higher
Blood stain on fabricIncludes bandages, gauze and facial tissues (Kleenex) or napkins.Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.$8060-90%
Fingernail/nail ClippingsNeed 5-10 clippings.Ship in paper envelope.$8060-90%
Diabetic Test StripsNeed 5-6 strips.Ship in paper envelope.$8060-90%
Tissue (muscles, organs); non-embalmedDepends on age and storage conditions; CHAIN ONLY.BiohazardRequest consultation.$8060-90%
Ear SwabShip in paper envelope.$8060-90%
Fetal DemiseRef sample from M REQ; success increases w/ age of fetus (detect of maternal DNA poss) CHAIN ONLY.BiohazardRequest consultation.$8060-90%
Umbilical CordDried, must have a reference sample from mother.BiohazardShip in paper envelope or as preserved.$8060-90%
Semen stain on fabricArea should be indicated on fabric; incl bandages, gauze & tissues or napkins.Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.$8060-90%
Hair with rootsEnsure roots are present (7-10 hairs) – shed or cut hair will not work.Ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Razor (Electric, Disposable)Send entire blade or disposable razor, debris can be sent in envelope.Ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Cigarette buttsDepends on type/brand.Ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
MucusFacial tissue (Kleenex), napkin or paper towel.Ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Chewing gumSugarless preferred.Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.$8060% or less
CondomDepends on storage condition / swab inside of condom.Ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Tissue Sample; paraffin embeddedParaffin block or slides.BiohazardRequest consultation.$16060% or less
ToothbrushAir-dry and ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Soda can / drinking glass / plastic containerSwab well w/ cotton swab or send in article with area clearly marked.Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Tampon/Feminine PadAir-dry and ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Drinking strawAir-dry and ship in paper envelope.$8060% or less
Envelope flapsDepends on age of envelope and how sealed.Request consultation.$8060% or less
Tissue (muscles, organs); embalmedDeceased has been embalmed; tissues in formalin/formaldehyde not accepted.BiohazardRequest consultation.$16060% or less
Bones from exhumed bodyFor forensic cases only.BiohazardRequest consultation.POAN/A
ToothMolar, premolar or canine preferred.Ship in paper envelope.POAN/A
BoneFemur or humorus bone, 3-4 inches in length use clean blade.BiohazardRequest consultation.POAN/A

Who’zTheDaddy?™ cannot unconditionally guarantee successful analysis of these samples. We will however make every attempt to provide you with the results you require.

Biohazard sample indicates a potentially biohazardous sample. Appropriate care should be given.

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