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Are you unsure or simply curious about the parentage of your dog? Would you like sound, scientific evidence to add to your dog’s pedigree? Opt for our easy, fast and 99.9% accurate dog DNA parentage test. Parentage verification through DNA testing is an important part of animal registration programs and can help provide hard evidence of pedigree.

Determining Dog Parentage

Our canine parentage test is a means of providing an accurate, scientific backing to your dog’s pedigree, assuring the ancestry of the dog for one’s records as well as potential breeders. In the case of a litter that has multiple sires (fathers), DNA testing can be used as a tool to ascertain the dog’s particular sire. Please note that DNA testing does not identify the breed of a dog.

Canine parentage is determined using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology in order to compare allele sizes, using a profile of 21 genetic markers. We can assure that the dog DNA parentage test is 99% accurate.

Why test the mother?

Having the mother’s DNA makes testing more accurate. A sire may be falsely confirmed to be the biological father if the mother’s sample is not used. Having the mother’s sample helps the laboratory exclude her share in the genetic inheritance of the offspring. When the mother is not available, extended testing can be done to determine proper parentage.

Science behind the test

The science behind our canine parentage test is simple: once we have the samples in the laboratory we will analyze the samples of alleged sire, the offspring and the mother and proceed to extract the 21 genetic maker profile using a relatively simple but highly advanced method of DNA amplification to copy or amplify small segments of DNA. Once we have all the genetic profiles required, we compare the genetic markers to look for a match or mismatch. If the tested site is the biological father, the results will show a probability of 99.9%.

Sample Collection

The dog DNA test can be easily carried out at the comfort of your and your dog’s own home. Dogs of any age, even new born puppies can be tested by the simple collection of a sampling of saliva. The price of the test per sample is $198 for testing mother Sire, Mother and Pup. Who’zTheDaddy?™ Suggests including samples of the alleged sire, the mother and the offspring.  In case of a missing dam or sire please call us for more information about other testing options, as absence of the dam’s DNA may lead to an inaccurate result.

The kit for our dog DNA parentage test that will be sent to your home will contain all the necessary instructions and instruments in order to easily and successfully carry out the test on your dogs. You are to collect a sample of saliva from the dogs using the buccal (cheek) swabs provided in the kit. It is important to ensure that the dog has not eaten anything for at least 1 hour before the sample is collected. In the case of puppies that are still nursing, they are to be separated from the mother for around 30 minutes, in order for them not to have milk in their mouth when swabbed.


How are results reported?

  • Parentage qualifies (Inclusion of sire and dam) – Both sire and dam matches the progeny at all 21 DNA markers. Therefore these are the puppy’s true biological parents.
  • Parentage does not qualify (Exclusion of sire, dam is included) – The dam matched the puppy, while the potential sire did not match, and therefore this is not the puppy’s biological sire.

When will I receive my results?

Dog DNA test results are ready within 10 business days of receipt of the samples, a Parentage Report will be sent to you via email. This report will include a detailed DNA Profile summary and the results regarding the inclusion or exclusion of each tested sire.

What if closely related dogs could have sired a litter of puppies?

In cases where you suspect that closely sires might be closely related, we suggest extended canine parentage testing. In this type of test, instead of the standard 21 marker test, we will need to test 28 markers. This will help provide more accurate results.

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