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Do you need a fast and accurate DNA test? Are you looking for a reliable and affordable DNA testing provider? If so, Who’zTheDaddy is your answer. WTD is a U.S. based company offering fully accredited DNA tests, ranging from peace of mind paternity tests to legal tests for court hearings and tests for immigration purposes. WTD’s home paternity test for one alleged father and child starts from just $99! Your results are ready within 3 – 5 working days (this applies to the majority of our tests).

At Who’zTheDaddy? we seek to offer the most competitive rates in the market whilst providing the same quality of service offered by high-end DNA testing services. We test 21 genetic markers for total accuracy so you can have the assurance that you need – many other companies use only 16. All of our DNA analysis and testing services are carried out at a laboratory accredited by the AABB and accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by a signatory to the ILAC arrangement.

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  • 21 Markers Tested

    Being 99.99% accurate, our 21 genetic marker test will allow you to answer any questions or issues which you might have, all dealt with professionally and in strict confidence by our customer care team.

    Great Value

    Our parental tests start from just $109 and have a turnaround time of just 4 working days, so why not order your DNA test kit now and take the first step towards finding the answers you seek.

    Results in 4 days

    Your DNA test results will be available to download from our website 4 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory. Peace of mind DNA results are also available by telephone, email or post.


    Our highly experienced customer care team is waiting to assist you through live chat, email or contact request and will be happy to provide you with guidance and support throughout your testing process.

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  • About Us – Fast & Confidential

    Who'zTheDaddy?® is a leading DNA paternity testing company providing results that are reliable and fully accredited. Not only do we offer tests at great prices and in the quickest time frames, but we also have a convenient and easy online results pick up system. The moment your results are ready, you can access them on our site – no need to check your inbox, wait for an email or a call. All our parental tests and relationship DNA tests have a turnaround time of only 4 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory. We also know that our clients need results quickly and in total confidentiality. Your privacy is paramount to us we ensure peace of mind as you and only you will receive the results, third parties who ask for copies of the results will not have access to them. Getting your test done and collecting your samples couldn’t be easier, following our 4 easy steps that will make this process simple, fast, efficient and problem-free. All our DNA sampling kits are sent out in the post in plain envelopes marked Private & Confidential and with no branding on them, so it will look just like a normal letter.

  • About Our Accurate, Fully Accredited Tests

    Who'zTheDaddy?™ offer paternity testing and relationship DNA testing – but these are just some of the tests we offer. Our clients come to us with all kinds of relationship queries and we can answer the vast majority of these thanks to the diverse portfolio of DNA testing and paternity testing services we offer. We provide peace of mind DNA tests – quick and easy tests to help you get rid of those niggling doubts - as well as legal DNA tests. If you have a court case and need court admissible results, our legal tests are just what you need in order to have the scientific proof of a relationship you can present in court. Besides our standard tests, we also have available some DNA tests which are based on cutting-edge technology. We offer non-invasive prenatal paternity using blood samples at the early stages of pregnancy. We also offer advanced forensic testing methodology which mean we can test a multitude of samples such as hair samples, tooth brushes, blood stains and many many more. We value your trust and our accreditations are proof of our state-of-the-art laboratories, in which your tests are handled by a highly qualified team of professionals. The margin of error for our tests is negligible and this should keep any worries you might have at bay.

  • Testimonials

    I posted the samples on Monday and received my results on Friday. I now know I am the father of a beautiful baby girl. Thank you for your fast efficient service and would certainly recommend you to anyone who needs the peace of mind that I needed.

    - B.B. - 28 Aug 2015

    Quick delivery. Great customer service over the phone as to how long I will wait. Fast results and good price.

    - C.G. - 21 Feb 2016

    Very happy with the service... Hopefully not needed again... Just found out I'm a Grandma for the first time !!!!! So a really good outcome too. Thankyou.

    - C.Q. - 29 Oct 2015

    Very swift service and clear instructions. Very easy to do just disappointed it wasn't the result we wanted but we have the results now. Thank you.

    - C.S. - 20 Jul 2015

    My results were emailed to me a day earlier than expected.

    - D.H. - 1 Feb 2016

    I am very pleased with the personal service I have received throughout the process and the results were easy to understand. Many thanks.

    - D.R. - 22 May 2015

    "Not the result we had hoped for but fast delivery within the timescale and easy to understand the results."

    - E.C. - 25 Jun 2015

    Was very grateful for your service and how it was handled from start to finish.

    - G.P. - 9 Jun 2015

    Great service throughout the entire process. Very professional. Would definitely recommend to others.

    - J.E. - 16 Sep 2015

    Fast quick and very reliable couldn't have asked for better help and support.

    - J.L.G. - 7 Aug 2015

    Very efficient service and quick turn around time. All round good service.

    - K.L.E. - 03 Mar 2016

    I was very happy with the service I received & the test & results were easy to complete/understand. Great customer service & results ready as promised early on the day stated.Would recommend to anyone.

    - L.C. - 18 May

    Very quick delivery and results. Would use again if needed to.

    - L.M.C. - 11 Mar 2016

    Very happy with the service provided & my test results. Would recommend to others.

    - M.J. - 4 Mar 2015

    Very good service, excellent customer service - will recommend to anyone

    - M.S. - 12 Feb 2016

    The service was first class with result dates being adhered to and everything went like clockwork. Excellent!

    - P.B. - 8 Jun 2015

    Call advisers were very helpful and contact via email was always professional.

    - P.I. - 16 Sep 2015

    Thank you for your services. Amazingly fast and kept me up to date with what was going on.

    - S.K. - 16 Oct 2015

    Absolutely brilliant service reasonably priced and very well explanatory on receipt of results recommend and purchased by a friend also.

    - S.L.R. - 28 Sep 2015

    Professional, honest and trustworthy. Highly impressed with service received.

    - S.S. - 2 Apr 2015

    I was pleased with the prompt service and satisfied with the way I was kept informed.

    - W.C. - 20 Sep 2016

    Very fast deliver of the test kit. And very fast results and easy to understand and read would defiantly recommend the company of someone needed a DNA test.

    C.W., June 2016

    I am glad that I chose Who'zTheDaddy! I was very unsure about which DNA testing company to trust with prenatal testing but my experience with this company has helped me overcome the anxiety I had about doing a DNA test.

    D.R., August 2018

    fantastic - THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    G.T., July 2016

    A great service clear and precise 29 years of not knowing all come to a conclusion and a positive one at that thank you for a fast response.

    J.C.L.D., June 2016

    I received my clinical test result in the promised turnaround time and customer service was outstanding throughout the whole process. It was worth every penny! Thank you Who'zTheDaddy?

    J.L., March 2018

    Very professional service with support.

    L.A., July 2016

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