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Suspect cheating or two-timing? Infidelity DNA testing can be used to indicate whether your partner has cheated or been unfaithful by testing a range of different samples. Normally, customers find an item, such as stained clothing, bedding or a condom which they suspect might be evidence of betrayal. The item can be analysed in a laboratory and once the DNA profile extraction has been successfully completed, the customer can make certain conclusions based on the results of a scientific analysis.

Science behind the test

We offer two types of infidelity testing service and two different types of analyses. Select from the below options basing yourself upon what exactly you need to establish.

Multiple gender profiling: Does the sample contain male or female DNA? Is there a mixed profile, showing the DNA of more than one person?

DNA profile comparison: Do you want to compare the DNA profile we found to another DNA sample to confirm if these come from the same person or from different people? Send us a mouth swab sample so that we can compare the two and confirm or exclude a match. (Please note that there is an additional cost of $79 for each extra sample)


We are a DNA testing company. Whilst results of an infidelity test can establish the presence of foreign genetic material or even confirm a match between two DNA samples, thus proving they belong to the same person, we cannot comment beyond the results of the laboratory analysis in strictly scientific terms. Our results will not tell you whether or not your husband wife, partner or fiancée has been unfaithful but will simply highlight the findings of our laboratory analysis.

Sample Collection

We can test countless DNA samples and potentially each of these could yield a DNA profile. It is however important to note that every sample is different and our chances of successfully completing your test will vary depending on the sample you provide. Factors such as the age of the sample, the type of sample, how it was collected as well as the conditions to which it was exposed (such as chemical or environmental action), are all important factors to consider. Call our customer support team for more information about the DNA sample you want to test.

International Order

Please note that if you are ordering from a country outside the USA you are still liable under the local laws of your country as the person ordering the test and submitting the samples. In addition, your order will be forwarded to the appropriate team handling cases in your location. We, therefore, recommend you are aware of your local laws prior to placing an order. In addition, we are currently not offering this test to clients based in the UK.

Semen Detection Test

A semen detection test is a quick and simple test that will enable you to confirm the presence of semen. If you do not require a full DNA test but just want to know if a strain contains semen or not, check out our semen detection test.


What is Infidelity testing?

It is used to indicate whether your partner has cheated or been unfaithful by testing a range of different samples

What is the cost of the test?

The cost of the test is $469

How long will it take for the results to be finished?

About 10 to 15 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory

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